The Directors of the Sovereign Draw Lottery have had a complaint about the latest wraparound cover of Independence magazine, objecting to the use of the image of a child to promote gambling.

Although we take this very seriously, we do, however, refute this allegation. Sovereign Draw is a lottery, with play limited to a very modest number of draws per month, not a betting shop. Sovereign Draw Ltd. upholds the highest standards of ethics in its operations and abides by a strict code of practice. Anyone under the age of sixteen is not permitted to take part in the Draw, and the Independence magazine advert is not aimed at children, or encouraging children to gamble.

The image in question was in fact used previously by a publishing house to promote a book called ‘Your Country Needs You’, written by Mark Harland and published in 2007. Full permission for this image to be used was obtained

The siren call ‘Your Country Needs You’ is of course associated with Lord Kitchener in the First World War, but has been utilised for many other causes for decades. In the Independence advertisement in question, the young boy is merely emulating the Kitchener poster pose by pointing at the reader. We do hope that most readers of the magazine are not offended and apologise to the reader who misunderstood the message and the spirit which was intended – that of all supporters coming together under a common cause.