Young Independence National Conference

Mark Harland

Mark Harland, Sovereign Draw’s Promoter, will be attending the annual YI Conference in Nottingham on 31st July. With the Play Online facility now available, we are looking to YI’s membership to kick-start this new initiative. You can read the full text of Mark’s speech below.

Firstly, may I thank you for inviting me here today – the first time I have attended let lone addressed, a YI Conference. I hope it is the first of many.

When I address the Party’s main conference I usually start by giving a resume of the Sovereign Draw’s progress from inception until the present day but such has been the progress of the Draw that it’s become a matter of routine. Almost boring. Sovereign Draw just grows and grows, with ever-larger sums being donated to UKIP.

However, apart from the day to day running of the Draw we have taken much time in recent months to set up the website which went ‘live’ two weeks ago. This is something that the Directors had wanted to do for a long time but, as always, it was a question of time and money.

For those of you who have not yet got a copy of the latest edition of Independence I am pleased to be able to hand you a advance copy of the four page ‘wrap around’ that will accompany every single one – all 45,000 of them. The facility to now play the Sovereign Draw entirely online is a major game changer for all of us. And this is one reason I am so pleased to be here today.

YI operates almost entirely online and you guys use i-pads and smart phones as a matter of routine. I got my first i-phone a month ago and was horrified to find there wasn’t even a manual in the box. When I queried this with the Vodafone sales assistant, who looked about twelve, he looked at me as if I had just left the film set of Jurassic World and said ‘just go online man, just go online.’

We are looking to you, YI, with your 3,000 plus members to help us kick-start the Sov Draw Online promotion. Apart from the fact that this will help us enormously there is money involved as I will now explain to you.

For some time now the Directors of Sovereign Draw have been looking at ways to financially assist the BRANCHES of UKIP all around the country. Every month since last November the Branch of every Sovereign Draw winner has received a cheque for £100 towards Branch funds so, to date, 27 happy Treasurers have received a cheque out of the blue. At the Spring Conference in Margate we announced an incentive pilot scheme whereby twenty branches selected at random from all over the country could earn money by promoting the Sov Draw to their members and friends. The results of that scheme will be made available at the main Conference in September at Doncaster. There is a healthy cheque of £500 waiting for the Branch that achieved the most.

However, following discussions with your Treasurer, Fraser Walker, I am pleased to tell you that YI has now been placed in the same category as those twenty branches. For every 25 new YI players who sign up to play the Sovereign Draw we will give you £100. You don’t have to be Carol Vorderman to calculate that there is a potential £10K plus to be earned here for your hard-pressed Treasurer. In fact looking ahead to when Sovereign Draw monthly sales reach £20k the Directors see no reason why Sovereign Draw cannot make a monthly donation to YI of £1,000. You are the future of the Party and in many ways although you are all spread across the whole country you are in effect the largest Branch by a colossal margin.

So, when you commence to play the Sovereign Draw please make sure you tell Fraser so that he knows when to ask me for another cheque. I will take a great delight in writing each one of them out. In a wider context it has taken three years to arrive at this situation. To date Sovereign Draw has been walking. From now, with the introduction of the Online Facility, it has the ability to run. There is no limit to how much money Sovereign Draw can raise for the Party and ALL its constituent parts. At the last Election almost 4m people voted for UKIP and hopefully show us some form of allegiance. If they all played the Sovereign Draw then the proceeds raised would be truly mind-boggling. But if just 10% did so that would earn us over £1m a month.

That is my ultimate target. If you help me achieve it then in turn we will ensure that YI has all the financial resources it needs. You have the right person in Fraser Walker, a canny Scot with a lean mean attitude, to be in control of your purse strings. All you need now is the money to fill that purse and you will have the means to achieve your goals in the years ahead.

– Mark Harland