You helped win it!

The EU Referendum result was great news for the Sovereign Draw Lottery. Every single person who plays the Lottery has helped contribute to that historic win.

Apart from the consequences of the result, the long awaited Brexit, there is one mathematical figure that should forever be engraved into the very soul of UKIP:

17, 410,742

This is the number of eligible UK citizens who voted for LEAVE. Each and every one of them is a potential UKIP voter at the next General Election and, importantly, a person who should know about and be playing the Sovereign Draw lottery. Our next goal is to get MPs into Westminster and we need your help to do it. Together – we can do this!

Since our launch in 2012, 118 lucky players have won a Gold Sovereign
Not only have they helped to finance the cause, they have won a valuable investment:
A Gold Sovereign value today is £258!

Please spread the word to everyone you know who voted LEAVE!
All 17 million of them!

The Sovereign Draw Lottery is a fun way to support UKIP while giving you the chance to win Gold Sovereigns in our monthly draw. For as little as £3 per month – that’s less than a Pound a week – you can help influence the future of Britain! The average stake is £5 a month, but you can play up to £20.