What is the difference between EUROPE and THE EUROPEAN UNION?

Helen Hims, the Chairman of the UKIP Wells Association, wrote in with a very good point, and clarifies the difference very succinctly…

“I noticed in the latest Independence magazine it said “Just say NO to Europe!!!”

Obviously we must be super-careful to always make the distinction between:

Europe = A great continent of diverse nations of which we will always be a part, and with which we will always trade.

EU = Undemocratic, supranational state, working towards full political integration of all its members etc.

All Europhiles especially the BBC, Cameron, Labour, Guardian, SNP etc, use the term ‘Europe’ interchangeably with ‘EU’ to deliberately muddy the waters and scare the electorate into thinking we are somehow advocating completely cutting ourselves off from our continental partners, both socially, co-operatively & for trade purposes.

I cannot emphasise enough how important I feel it is for us to stress this most salient point at every opportunity. “

Thanks Helen!