Our NEW Sovereign Draw Rollover Prize starts today!

Today, and every month from now on, in addition to the three First Prizes of a gold sovereign there will also be a

Sovereign Draw Cash Rollover

Every month the sum of £200 will awarded to the Rollover Prize. The winning ticket number will be announced on this website immediately after the Draw.

If the Rollover Prize is not won, the money will accumulate every month. In the absence of a winner the rollover will continue until the grand total of £2,000 is reached. At this point, there will definitely be a WINNER!

This new Rollover Cash Prize Draw will provide a winner AT LEAST once every ten months!

Good luck

The Sovereign Draw Lottery is a fun way to support UKIP while giving you the chance to win Gold Sovereigns in our monthly draw. For as little as £3 per month – that’s less than a Pound a week – you can help influence the future of Britain! The average stake is £5 a month, but you can play up to £20.