Limited Edition Diamond Jubilee Sovereign for our 100th Lottery Winner

On 2nd June 2012, to mark the exact date of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Mint struck a numbered Limited Edition of 2012 gold sovereigns.

Sovereign Draw has acquired one (No.0556) specifically to award to the 100th Winner of the Sovereign Draw.

By co-incidence, the last winner of 2015, will also be our 100th Winner! The actual Draw will take place on Tuesday 23rd December. That lucky person will also, of course, collect a 2015 gold sovereign. It’s certainly going to be a ‘golden Christmas’ for somebody!

Unless you are luck enough to spot one on Ebay, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to buy one of these 2012 Limited Edition sovereigns. It was worth in excess of £400 three years ago!

To be ‘in the hat’ for the December Draw you must be playing Sovereign Draw by 20th December at the very latest. So why not click on PLAY NOW immediately – before you forget!

Good Luck

Diamond Jubilee Sovereign for the 100th Winner

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