The list of Winners of gold sovereigns continues to spring surprises.

Whoever said that lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice is just plain wrong!

That is according to one of our latest winners, Peter Scarah of Hull. When told that he had won a gold sovereign for the second month running, this is what he said… “It’s just unbelievable. Lightning does strike twice in the same place!

Peter becomes the third player to have won twice. He joins Simon Kirby of Warwickshire who amazingly did the same in 2014.

Robert Irvine-List of Shropshire has also won twice, in 2014 and 2015.

Will he do it again in 2016 to get his ‘hat trick?’ Maybe we should award a special prize for anyone winning three times?

“But I have fourteen grandchildren so I need to win twelve more times!”

The Sovereign Draw Lottery is a fun way to support UKIP while giving you the chance to win Gold Sovereigns in our monthly draw. For as little as £3 per month – that’s less than a Pound a week – you can help influence the future of Britain! The average stake is £5 a month, but you can play up to £20.